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Synthesis of Culture

Mountains are itself an abode to many unique human cultures that represents distinct lifestyle in the region. Though, it is a matter of fact that life in such regions are quite difficult and takes a heavy toll on the hill folk who inhabit the difficult terrain. This is the primary reason why religion, worship, social gatherings and fairs play a key role in the life of people living in this area. As we know that Corbett is tucked away in the foothills of Himalayan Sub-belt and hence reveals a synthesis of two such hill cultures i.e. Garhwali and Kumaoni. Similar culture is found in many other mountain regions worldwide where music and dance is important cultural element. Kumaoni and Garhwali regions have distinct folk art forms that are basically woven in the texture of daily life.

Steeped in religious fervor the dances performed here are of both types religious as well as recreational. Dances having religious aspects move around Hindu deities like Durga, Shiva or Kali and the epics like Mahabharta. Some of the interesting dance style that is performed by Pahari people is for recreational purpose that is shown on the occasion of weddings, melas or harvest celebrations representing the romantic tales of the region. Jhora, Chapeli, Dhol, Chanchari, Devtali, Kyunki, Cholia, Chunfula and Jhumaila are some of the most popular dance forms.

It is truly said that music fuels the mind and body and thus fuels our creativity. Likewise the music of the hills is equally enchanting. While singing pahari music they uses a variety of instruments like traditional trumpets, drums, flutes and bagpipes. These traditional folks have given rise to many ragas of the classical forms. The main forms include: Chaiti, Bairas Hurkiya Biol and Neoli.