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Management and Conservation at Corbett

Nature has gifted us with many benevolent features that nourish nature and heal naturally. So what our responsibilities to this glorious planet? This has become one of the great moral questions of our time. Protecting and preserving our valuable natural resources in all its diversity with minimum disturbance by human activities and saving the endangered species like tiger and elephant is really a challenging task for us. On April 01, 1973 project tiger; the biggest conservation initiative of its time was launched in Corbett National Park. Since then a lot of efforts has been made in protecting the unique landscape of Corbett. One major hindrance in this task is the limited staff of 400 - odd permanent employees assisted by a temporary force of laborers who work under tough condition to achieve this goal. Apart from this higher management level is also involved and hence many concurrent activities happen that that keep the Corbett Staff more than occupied throughout the year.

It is a matter of pride that today; Corbett National Park is one of our best preserved parks, with a healthy population of 164 Royal Bengal Tigers and over 600 elephants.